Announcing Book Release

The_Land_That_Calls__Cover_for_KindleThe Land That Calls Me Home tells the story of the loss of the human connection to the land and challenges the church to help people reconnect with the soil through small-scale, diversified farming.

This book is especially for people whose family background includes farming and those who are curious about farming on a small scale and want to explore the possibilities for making small-scale farming financially feasible for themselves and others.

The Land That Calls Me Home is a prophetic call to discover the treasure of the soil wherever you live.  The author describes the plight of small-scale farmers compelled by government policy and corporate pressures to enlarge their farms to be profitable or get out of farming altogether.  The author describes how the church shares responsibility for the disappearance of small-scale farms and the rural communities they supported.

The book casts the vision of connecting God’s people to Gods land through God’s church.  The implementation of this vision strengthens rural communities and suburban, urban, and rural churches by building locally grown food networks between them.  With urban and suburban consumers and rural growers as allies, church-based farm-to-market networks will sustain thousands of small-scale farms and create rooms for thousands more.  People will reconnect with the land to live lives that are healthier and more faithful to God’s plan and purpose for the earth and humankind.

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