Daddy’s Legend and Legacy

Made a correction to my earlier blog based on a recorded conversation I had with Daddy in December of 2012. Someone his daddy had lent money to could not pay but insisted he take his 2 plowhorses in payment. That sent them out of town to live at the Barfield farm and use the horses to feed the family.

The Land That Calls Me Home

The Rev. Lavelle Reynolds died at age 102 on March 4, 2017. Lavelle was the first of four children born to John Thomas Hughey and Inas Octavia Whatley Reynolds. He was born at their farmstead home in Barfield, Alabama. Before Lavelle started school, Thomas Hughey and Octavia moved their family into the nearby town of Lineville and lived in rental housing until they could build a house on property they had purchased on 2nd Avenue, which was close to downtown and to Lineville schools.  Thomas Hughey had lent a farmer money and the farmer unable to pay his rent because his crops had failed. The farmer insisted that Thomas Hughey take his plowhorse for payment.  Thomas Hughey refused but the farmer insisted. Having no way place to keep the mules in town, the family moved  back to the Bafield farm in order to keep the mules and put them to use…

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